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Food Offering

Bodhipala Monastery Dana Roster

Please see Dana Roster Calendar and the Google Form below to register your Dana food offering (multiple Dana bookings on the same day are welcome).

Please note that Bodhipala Monastery encourages all laity to attend the daily Dana offering whichever day they wish, without the need to register. The function of this Dana Roster is to allow the resident Sangha to be aware that there will be at least one Dana sponsor for that day.

Offering Food

Offering food to the monastic community provides an opportunity to visit and participate in the program of the monastery. The monastics eat one main meal a day in late morning and the monastic regulations require that they finish by midday.

As in the time of the Buddha, the monastery doesn’t grow or buy food and therefore is completely dependent on daily alms and offerings of food. 

Visitors are welcome to come to the monastery any day of the week to make a food offering to the Monks, it is advisable to arrive by 10am to allow time to prepare and heat up ones offering before 10:30am. The monks then receive the food, followed by a short Buddhist Chant (Blessing) from the Monks to express Anumodana (appreciation) for the offerings. There is also an opportunity after the shared meal to then return to the hall to ask any Dhamma questions from the senior monk. 

Three days each week the monks walk on the traditional alms round (pindabat), accepting food offerings from those who wish to offer; Mondays- Birdwood 8:30-9:00am, Wednesdays- Mannum 8:45-9:15am and Saturdays- Mt Pleasant 8:45-9:15am.