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Buddha statue for Bodhipala Monastery completed

After several months polishing and finishing the Buddha Statue for Bodhipala Monastery is finally complete. The Buddha Statue will now be sent to packing then be shipped to South Australia.

Luang Por Kalyano at Bodhipala Monastery (April)

Bodhipala Monastery is pleased to announce that Luang Por Kalyano will be visiting us from Saturday the 2nd of April until Saturday 9th April. During Luang Por’s stay he will offer three public evening Dhamma Talks held at the Monastery beginning at 6:30pm, as well as the usual after Dana Question and Answer sessions. Please see poster for details. Please feel free to come and offer Dana on any of these days and meet with Luang Por.

Working bee at Bodhipala Monastery on Sunday 13 March 2022

You are welcome to join the Sangha at Bodhipala Monastery in a working bee on Sunday 13th March 2022. We plan to prepare a site for the planting of a newly arrived Bodhi tree, other jobs include preparing and laying pavers and mulching the garden areas. The working bee begins at 7:00am until 4pm.

Updates from Luang Por Kalyano's recent visit to Bodhipala Monastery

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Luang Por Kalyano for all of the Dhamma teachings and encouragement over this past weekend stay at Bodhipala Monastery.