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Luang Por Kalyano at Bodhipala in Jan 2021

Luang Por Kalyano (Ajahn Kalyano) Abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery, Warburton, Vic will be coming to visit Bodhipala Monastery in early January. The program for Luang Por’s visit is as follows.

Tan Ajahn Dhammasiha visiting Bodhipala Monastery

Latest update since 11th January 2021: due to covid 19 lockdown in Brisbane, Tan Ajahn Dhammasiha's visit will be postponed until February.

Bodhipala Monastery New Year Program

Thursday 31st December 2020:  An auspicious way to bring in the new year by practicing meditation, chanting and listening to the Dhamma. You are welcome to join the monks at Bodhipala Monastery for the public event of Dhamma practice to bring in 2021.