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Visakha Puja at Bodhipala Monastery

This year Bodhipala will be celebrating Visakha Puja on Saturday 21st May. We are fortunate to announce that Bodhipala will host Luang Por Karuniko (previous Abbot of Cittavevika forest monastery in England) over this time, from Thursday 19th May until Wednesday 25th May. You are welcome to come and listen to and meet with Luang Por any day at the meal offering time (except Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th when Luang Por will not be available).

Updates from Luang Por Kalyano's recent visit to Bodhipala Monastery (May 2022)

On behalf of the community at Bodhipala we would like to thank Luang Por for all of his teachings and guidance over the weekend here in South Australia. Luang Por kindly gave two public talks and several question and answer sessions during his stay which gave us much food for thought in our Dhamma practice, Luang Por also had a chance to walk the traditional Pindabat (alms round) in Birdwood on Monday morning before his return to Melbourne.