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Magha Puja at Bodhipala on Sunday 6th February

You are welcome to join Luang Por Kalyano and the Sangha at Bodhipala Monastery in remembering Magha Puja, the day in which 1250 Arahant Disciples of the Lord Buddha gathered together without prior arrangement and was the occasion in which the Ovadapatimokkha was recited for the first time.

Updates from Buddha Casting Ceremony in Thailand

On the event of the Luang Por Chah memorial Day, Luang Por Kalyano travelled to Ubon Ratchathani to pay respects to Luang Por Chah's relics and senior teachers, including Venerable Luang Por Liem who kindly blessed some bronze leafs to be melted into the Buddha statue which is being poured tomorrow in Bangkok for Bodhipala Monastery. 

Postponement of 3rd anniversary event

Bodhipala Monastery will be postponing this weekend's Third Anniversary event. We apologize for any inconvenience. Luang Por Kalyano will be visiting at a later date to celebrate the third anniversary, please see future posts for further information.

New Year blessings to all

On behalf of Bodhipala Monastery we would like to express our appreciation and Anumodana for all the support and help everyone has made to Bodhipala Monastery may all the goodness of the triple gem bless you with good health, happiness and strength in this new year.

Buddha statue casting in Thailand on 17 January

Bodhipala Monastery is pleased to announce the casting of A Buddha Statue for the Newly completed Dhamma Hall. The casting will take place in Pathum Thani near Bangkok on 17th January 2022.