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Bodhipala Monastery New Year Program

Thursday 31st December 2020: 

An auspicious way to bring in the new year by practicing meditation, chanting and listening to the Dhamma.

You are welcome to join the monks at Bodhipala Monastery for the public event of Dhamma practice to bring in 2021.

06:30pm Meditation

07:00pm Chanting

07:30pm Dhamma Talk

08:30pm-11:30pm Sitting or Walking meditation

12:00am Auspicious Chanting

12:30am Closing

Friday 1st January: 

Bodhipala Monastery traditional new year alms giving ceremony.

10:00am Public arrive at the Monastery

10:30am New Year alms round

11:00am New Year Blessings Chanting from the Monks

12:00pm Dhamma Talk

Blessings in the Dhamma