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Bodhipala Monastery Visakha Puja event

Bodhipala Monastery will be celebrating Visakha Puja on the weekend of the 29th/30th May. We are fortunate to have Luang Por Kalyano for this event along with several of his Sangha Members in attendance.
For more information see the program below.

Saturday 29th May - Meditation, Chanting and Dhamma Talk for the Public

6:30pm: Sitting Meditation
7:00pm: Chanting
7:30pm: Dhamma Talk from Luang Por Kalyano

Sunday 30th May - Visakha Puja and Paba Ceremony

10:00am: Laity arrive at the Monastery.
10:30am: Rice Pindabat and Shared Meal
11:30am: Paba Ceremony followed by a Dhamma Talk from Luang Por Kalyano and a Blessing from the Sangha.
12:30pm: Procession with Candles, incense and flowers to the Buddha statue.