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Asalha Puja

You are welcome to join Bodhipala Monastery in the event of Asalha Puja, the day in which the Lord Buddha gave his first teaching, the Dhammachakka Sutta.

This also marks the beginning of the annual Rains retreat or Vassa (pansah in Thai). This year Bodhipala Monastery will have four residents for the Rains retreat. You are welcome to join in to support the Sangha here with the daily meal any day.

Saturday 24th July

6:30pm - Sitting meditation
7:00pm - Chanting
7:30pm - Dhamma Talk and candlelit procession to the Buddha statue

Sunday 25th July

10:00am - Lay people gather at the monastery
10:30am - Monks collect pindabat and give blessing
11:30am - Dhamma talk