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Updates from Buddha Casting Ceremony in Thailand

On the event of the Luang Por Chah memorial Day, Luang Por Kalyano travelled to Ubon Ratchathani to pay respects to Luang Por Chah's relics and senior teachers, including Venerable Luang Por Liem who kindly blessed some bronze leafs to be melted into the Buddha statue which is being poured tomorrow in Bangkok for Bodhipala Monastery. 

Luang Por Liem gave a few words of encouragement: "Bodhipala Monastery is a place to do good and that which benefits people"

We humbly express our gratitude to Luang Por for his kind words and support.

On 17th January Buddha Casting Ceremony was successfully held in Pathum Thani near Bangkok.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Luang Por Anan (Phra Rajvajriayan), Luang Por Nyanadhammo (Phra Theippajaranyanamuni) and Luang Por Kalyano (Phra Sophonbhavanavithet) for leading and presiding over the auspicious occasion. We would also like to express our Anumodana to all of the Lay supporters who helped and contributed towards the creation of the Buddha Statue.

On the 21st Luang Por Opart offered 8 relics of the Lord Buddha to be enshrined in the new statue of Buddha for Bodhipala Monastery.