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Luang Por Liem Visit to Bodhipala 7th-14th March 2023

We are pleased to announce that Bodhipala Monastery will be fortunate to host the visit of Luang Por Liem (Phratheipvarchirayarn), Abbot of Wat Nong Pah Pong and Spiritual Head of all branch monasteries of Ajahn Chah tradition. Luang Por will arrive in the afternoon of the 7th March and will depart in the morning of the 14th March.
Each day Luang Por will be available at the mealtime to receive guests and say a few words on Dhamma for us. 

Bodhipala Monastery will be celebrating the annual Magha Puja event on 12th March with a Paba Ceremony with funds raised going towards the construction of the new Kitchen building here at Bodhipala Monastery. The event will begin at 10am with Rice Pindabat followed by the Paba Offering and Blessing from the Monks, after the meal there will be an opportunity to listen to a Dhamma talk from Luang Por Liem.


Saturday 11th March:

6:30pm- Sitting Meditation
7:00pm- Chanting
7:30pm- Dhamma Talk from Luang Por Liem (translated into english)

Sunday 12th March:

10:00am- Laypeople arrive
10:30am- Rice Pindabat
10:45am- Offering of Paba and Blessing from the monks
11:30am- Dhamma Talk from Luang Por Liem (translated into English)