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“The Buddhist teachings have been preserved through the continuous sacrifice and renunciation of the Sangha and the kind generosity of the laity. When we have faith and the intention to give, we experience a moment of letting go. Sharing what one has brings happiness to the giver and benefit to the receiver. The generosity we practice provides us with a lifetime of good memories, counters our deeper habits of greed and selfishness, develops friendship in the community and makes the mind more peaceful and radiant.”

- Luang Por Kalyano

During the past 2,500 years, support for the Buddhist monastic life has been provided entirely by lay supporters through daily acts of generosity. The monastic discipline laid down by the Buddha doesn’t allow monks and nuns to handle money and they can only eat or drink that which is offered to them. Through the help of generous lay people, the monks and nuns in this tradition are able to continue their lives as monastics and spiritual seekers. The monastic community provides an important function for the lay community by caring for their spiritual needs and by providing moral and spiritual teachings and examples.

In this spirit, support in the form of work, money, foodstuffs, building materials or other help is both appreciated and needed. Your generosity helps the monastic community to survive and flourish, and brings you long-term benefit and happiness. Bodhipala Monastery Ltd is a nonprofit organisation, registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission, who act as steward of the monastery. Bodhipala Monastery Ltd manages all the financial donations on behalf of the resident monastics and for the development of the monastery. All donations go solely towards the monks’ requisites and the building of the monastery.

Operating Fund

Donations to the Operating Fund are used to cover the day-to-day costs of running the monastery. This includes the travel and medical expenses for the resident monastic community, as well as expenses for electricity, gas, heating, administration and maintenance.

These donations are non tax-deductible.

How to Donate by Bank Transfer

Branch Name: Melbourne Head Office
150 Collins St, MELBOURNE, Vic, 3000
Bodhipala Monastery Ltd (ABN 76627533475)
Operating Account
BSB number: 033157
Account number: 647954

Building Fund

The Building Fund is used to for the building costs of all monastery buildings and infrastructure. These include the Meditation Hall, Dining Hall, kutis (huts for the monks), kitchen, toilets and accommodation for men and women practitioners.

These donations are tax-deductible.

How to Donate by Bank Transfer

Bodhipala Monastery Ltd (ABN 76627533475)
Westpac Bank
Branch Name: Melbourne Head Office
150 Collins St, MELBOURNE, Vic, 3000
Bodhipala Monastery Ltd 
School Building Fund
BSB: 033157
Account number: 647962

Venerable Sivali Statue Project

For Donations toward the costs of sculpting and transportation of Venerable Sivali Maha Thera Statue please use the School Building Fund account details as seen below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact

We appreciate and rejoice in your generosity

We welcome any donations and support people can give to the monastery and the resident Sangha of monks, novices and anagarikas. May this generosity by a cause for your continuing happiness, good health, prosperity and ultimate liberation.